Persian and Australian
creative cultural exchange

We foster collaborations between designers, artisans and makers in Iran and their contemporaries in Australia and worldwide. Through commissioning one-off pieces that are influenced by the rich traditions of Iran, we enable a cross-cultural exchange of ideas.

 The result is an exclusive, curated collection created by artisans from disparate parts of our globe, opening a dialogue between cultures that produces unique artwork for the contemporary home. 


Collaboration #1


Currently in creative development by artists Mehran Zamani (Iran) and Jessie Stanley (Central Victoria, Australia), this print will be a visual essay about each artists local environment.

The first layer has been printed by Stanley and responds to Central Victoria’s geological resource of gold (pictured above); the second layer will be overprinted by Zamani. The resulting print will be a work of chance: as each artists work collides and overlaps, creating an interesting visual conversation between two artists and their homelands. Stay tuned to view the completed work.

Mehran Zamani

Bio about the artist coming soon

Jessie Stanley

Jessie Stanley embraces the congruence of graphic design and visual art as platforms for sharing ideas and creating social connections. Unearthing the stories bound to a place and time, Stanley seeks to unravel how place can connect us through time to reveal pivotal aspects of our heritage. Her composed narratives are anchored within a macro context. Drawing on the physical laws and properties of the natural world, Stanley creates scenarios for audiences to consider the sublime relationship we have with the Universe. With a minimalist and geometric sensibility, her works gently shift perceptions and find a direct and accessible path for audiences to embark together with her through time and space.